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Chelsea Bridge Wharf Escorts

The river Thames is the key reason why the city of London came into being in the first place, and grew to be the major metropolis that it is today. As with many major urban rivers, it allowed trade and people to shift in and out of the city as it grew and it also, as a result of its pivotal role, became an icon of the city.
A major part of its iconic appeal is down to the number of world famous bridges which cross it. Many of them have been used time and again as shorthand for the city in film and television productions and London Bridge has even had a nursery rhyme written about it.
Chelsea Bridge might not be famous in this way, or visually distinctive, but what it does offer is the chance to travel between two highly appealing areas on either bank of the Thames.
The Chelsea Bridge of today is actually the second to be built on the same site, and it links Chelsea on the north bank of the Thames with Battersea on the south. It carries pedestrians and motor vehicles and was originally opened for use in 1937. For a period of the 1950s the bridge gained a degree of notoriety when it became a meeting place for motorbike gangs, who would gather on a Friday night and stage motorbike races. Although motorcyclists do still meet on the bridge, the practice of staging races was stopped after a violent incident in 1970.
Although Chelsea Bridge might not be an appealing place to visit in its own right, the areas on either side of the bridge definitely are. In Battersea, you’ll find yourself enjoying the wide open spaces of Battersea Park, while the Chelsea side of the river is home to the brand name shopping of Kings Road and the boutique outlets of Sloane Street.
Battersea Park offers more than 200 acres of greenery which were initially reclaimed from marshland as long ago as 1858. The park represents a wonderful example of the kind of inner city oasis with which London is packed. Despite being only minutes away from the crowds and the traffic, the park is home to nature reserves and gardens, and is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing stroll along the river or activities such as jogging, rowing and croquet.
Leaving aside the shops and parkland, perhaps the best reason to visit the area is to sample the pleasure of spending time with one of the Spades of London Chelsea Bridge Wharf escorts. We take great pride in offering the kind of girls you simply aren’t going to enjoy if you go to any other agency. Our stunning girls are sexy, friendly, intelligent and welcoming, going out of their way to make every client happy whether they meet up via incall or outcall. We handle every detail of the meeting with total discretion and privacy, and the only thing you have to think about is just how fantastic spending time with a Chelsea Bridge Wharf escort is going to be.

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