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Moscow Escorts

Arguably the most beautiful girls in the World come from Russia and Spades of London has the best selection of elite escorts from its capital – Moscow.

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Moscow Escorts

Moscow isn’t just the capital of Russia, it’s a global city, rich in political, cultural and historical significance. It’s impossible to capture everything which Moscow has to offer in a few hundred words, but the overall message is that Moscow is a city which simply demands to be visited. Like London and New York, it is a place which everyone should visit at least once in their life.
A city like Moscow, with its sprawling size and population of more than 13 million, might seem somewhat overwhelming when you first arrive, but the centre of the city is fairly compact and can be explored quite easily on foot. Walking around might give you a chance to admire iconic sights like Red Square first hand, but if you visit in the winter you’ll have to be prepared to put up with chilling sub-zero temperatures. Check what the temperature is likely to be before you visit, and make sure you pack more than enough warm clothing.
The underground system in Moscow is more than simply a convenient way of exploring the city. It is also a place worth visiting in its own right, to take in the stunning architecture of the stations themselves. Above ground, you have access to trolleybuses, trams and buses, and it’s just as well, because you’re going to need all of your energy in order to explore the many Moscow museums and art galleries.
The place to start any exploration of Moscow is in the streets which surround the Kremlin, where the Russian government is based. The bulk of this part of the city has been pedestrianized, making exploration safe and simple, and the chance to take in the stunning golden domes perched on top of ornate cathedrals makes it more than worth the effort.
Close to the kremlin you’ll find Red Square, a backdrop which has appeared on film and television screen countless times, whether on the news or during works of fiction. The highlight of Red Square is probably St Basils Cathedral, which is constructed to resemble something from a child’s fairy tale, with brightly coloured turrets and distinctive onion domes.
Away from the hustle and bustle of the city you’ll find Gorky Park. The river Moskva crosses more than 170 acres of greenery which attracts millions of visitors virtually all year round. As well as the fresh air and relative peace and quiet, attractions in the park include sports facilities and an open air amphitheatre.
Besides the glamour and power of Moscow, Russia has also always been famous for the mysterious beauty of its women. The Spades of London Moscow escorts are a prime example of this allure, being seductively sexy in that elusive, eastern European fashion. As well as looking like stunning models or movie stars, they have all been carefully chosen for their personality. Whichever girl you choose she will be intelligent, funny, warm and friendly, and will devote herself to doing everything she can to making sure you’re satisfied. We’ll look after the details, while they look after you, and in both cases you’ll have a discrete, professional experience you’ll never forget.

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