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New York Escorts

Wake up in the city that never sleeps especially when you are accompanied by one of our High Class escorts.

New York Escorts

New York might not be the capital of the USA but it’s arguably the most important city, and the one with the largest population. It’s difficult to know where to begin describing this genuine global metropolis, with a skyline, landmarks and tourist attractions which are famous across the entire world.
The city of New York sits at the mouth of the Hudson River, on the east coast of the US. It is large and varied enough to be broken down into five separate boroughs. Each one of these boroughs could be a city in its own right, and writing about New York means writing about the unique architecture, demographic and ambience which you can find in each.
Manhattan is the borough which most resembles the popular image of New York. It is home to iconic landmarks and locations such as Times Square, Greenwich Village, Soho and the Empire State Building. Although famed for noise, traffic and crowds of people, Manhattan is also where you’ll find the 843 acres of Central Park. As well as open spaces and greenery, the park contains a zoo, a boating lake and the metropolitan Museum of Modern Art. In fact, there are enough attractions within the park itself to fill the average trip to New York
The Bronx lies to the north of Manhattan and is home to baseball team the Yankees, fierce rivals of the New York Mets. Other attractions in the Bronx include the Bronx Zoo and the New York Botanical Gardens.
Brooklyn is famous for its vibrant, bohemian creative atmosphere and the fact that it is more densely populated than any of the other boroughs. It is also distinctive in terms of New York in that it has its own beaches, as well as being home to the world famous Coney Island fun fair.
Staten Island is an actual island located in New York harbour, just across from New Jersey. When compared to the other New York boroughs it is much quieter and mostly residential in make-up.
Queens is the most ethnically diverse borough of New York, and can be found facing Manhattan across a stretch of the East River. In sporting terms it is home to not only the New York Mets baseball team but also the Tennis Centre which hosts the US open every year. Most visitors’ first glimpse of New York comes via Queens as it is the location of two major New York airports.
Getting around New York isn’t easy, given the size and sheer number of people. Probably the most convenient means of exploring is using the New York subway, which is generally regarded as being safe, reliable and affordable.
Perhaps the only way of making a trip to New York even more exciting is to spend some of it in the company of one of our super-sexy New York escorts. At Spades of London we take great pride in providing our clients with nothing but he best. Our girls have beautiful personalities to go with their gorgeous face and stunning bodies. They provide delightful company whether you take them out to explore the city or let them demonstrate their skills in the privacy of your hotel room. Leave it to us to arrange everything with privacy and discretion, and look forward to a New York trip which is more unforgettable than most.

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