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Western European Escorts

Spades of London girls are beautiful on the inside and out.

Western European Escorts

We call ourselves an elite escort agency and we realise that this means clients expect certain things of us. We know that they come to us looking for girls who are stunning in the way that models and movie stars are stunning. We also know that they expect to be treated in a professional and completely discrete manner throughout, and that we’ll go out of our way to provide the girl they want to meet wherever they want to meet her.
The first and most important aspect of our elite services is the exceptional quality of the girls we select. If you’ve ever looked through the pages of a glossy magazine or watched a sexy film and wondered just where you’d go to find girls who look that stunning then you’ve found the answer – you go to Spades of London. Each and every one of our girls has the kind of face that stops people in the street and turns heads and that’s before we even mention their bodies. Our girls have the kind of sensuous, inviting bodies that set pulses racing and imaginations working overtime, especially when they’ve been wrapped in figure hugging swimwear or the skimpiest of lingerie.
As well as being gorgeous our girls come from all over the world, and many of our clients like nothing more than choosing to spend time with one of our western European escorts. These girls might come from France, Germany or Spain, and no matter where they’re from they’ll have the kind of sexy accent that makes everything they say sound like a teasing invitation to have fun. They’ll also have that air of exotic mystery that many of our clients find incredibly exciting, and we can promise that they’ll be excellent company no matter how you pass the time.
We can promise that because we’re so careful when it comes to choosing our girls. We interview them all in depth to make sure that they’re friendly, funny and intelligent. They all speak excellent English, because we understand how much of a part language plays in seduction, and many of them can converse in more than one other language.
Some of our clients like to keep their girl all to themselves in the privacy of their bedroom, but others are seeking a companion for a night on the town or perhaps a high profile corporate event. In both cases our western European escorts will provide the perfect companion. Most of our girls offer incall and outcall appointments. Incall means that you visit your girl in her own place, while outcall involves her coming to see you wherever you are.
No matter what you chose we’ll organise everything in a completely professional manner. Every detail will be treated with complete confidentiality, and if you need it we’ll even arrange for your girl to join you in another part of the world. We work hard to deliver a service that’s completely seamless, meaning that all you have to do is sit back and anticipate the arrival of your stunning western European escort.

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