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Travel Escorts

Our girls will travel to make you happy.

Travel Escorts

Here at Spades of London we put a lot of our success down to the fact that we work extremely hard to ensure we meet the desires of our clients. We base that upon factors such as the high quality of our girls and the professional way in which we carry out our business. Within minutes of getting in touch with us, our clients realise that they can relax because they are in the safest possible hands.
Another key to our success is the wide choice we offer, and a large part of this is based upon the range of girls which we provide. Spades of London escorts hail from all corners of the world and come in every shape and type. From curvaceous young brunettes to mature sophisticated blondes and dusky Brazilian beauties, we provide girls who look good enough to be in demand as lingerie and swimwear models, and who combine that beauty with fantastic personalities.
We also serve our clients by providing bespoke international travel arrangements. Many of the girls we provide are free to travel to different parts of the world. Some can journey throughout the UK, some across Europe and others are able to travel to literally anywhere in the world. If you know you’re going to be in a particular place on a set date – perhaps travelling for business or simply enjoying a pleasure trip – then you can look through our galleries and see if your favourite girl is available to join you. The overall standard of our girls is so high that we’re sure you’ll be able to find an escort you’d be delighted to share your trip with.
Having chosen the girl you’d like to spend time with, you just have to get in touch with us and we’ll handle the details. It will differ slightly from girl to girl, but the first thing we’ll do is ensure that the escort you’ve chosen is free to travel when you’d like her to, and has got time to apply for any visas or travel documents she needs.
If you’re a new client then when the booking has been confirmed, we’ll ask you to transfer a 50% deposit on the girls’ fee and the cost of the flights to us. If you’d like the girl you’ve chosen to stay in your own accommodation then we’ll leave that in your hands, but if you need hotel bookings making, then we can handle that as well. On the day itself your chosen girl will fly out to where you are, will be met at the airport and will journey to meet you in person. At that point it’s up to you how you spend your time together, but the one thing we can promise is that your Spades of London escort will be delightful company until she has to journey home.
Although the details might be different from country to country and girl to girl, the underlying principle is that Spades of London will make sure your ideal woman is there by your side whenever and wherever you want her to be.

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